Padmes Card of the Day—10 of Wands reversed

padmes card of the day 10 of wands reversedPadmes Daily Tarot—10 of Wands reversed

Let go of responsibilities & burdens that are not your own. It’s time for a bit of recon. Being a good friend does not have to include ongoing picking up of slack for someone else, holding space for a secret not your own or taking on someone else’s healing lesson. Healing someone else’s wounds ultimately won’t relieve you or them. It puts your progress on hold & keeps you in the incubator longer. Time to reclaim your space. #tarot

Padmes Card of the Day—Death reversed

Padmes Daily Tarot Death reversed‎Padmes Daily Tarot—Death reversed

Not the time to tap out—it’s not over yet. You’re smack in the current of dynamic transition. Issues well on their way to a healing hub surface for what may seem a setback, actually they show you how far you’ve come. Today remembering that sometimes confusion is your intuition’s way of saying NO will help you in your full-circle progression. The journey is in the layout-the outcome cannot happen without it, Cher. ‪#‎tarot ‪#‎tarotreadings <3

Padmes Card of the Day—Queen of Swords reversed

Padmes Card of the Day Queen of Swords reversedPadmes Daily Tarot—The Queen of Swords reversed.

Today is about gaining control over aspects of your life that you feel you’ve lost. This might feel like being triggered & lacking the wherewithal to get what you need without acting like the age the trigger originated in the first place. You have more control over your situation than you may feel. Dig deep today and take care of that inner child. She looks pissed. You can bring peace if you stand in your awareness. #tarot #tarotreadings #metaphysical <3

Padmes Daily Tarot—9 of Cups & 10 of Cups

Padmes Card of the Day 10 of cups 9 of cupsPadmes Daily Tarot—9 of Cups & 10 of Cups. Two cards wanted to play today!

Too much of a good thing can lead to overindulgence, be overwhelming, and cause a shift in your field that leads you back to the start. Watch for what keeps you from your spiritual progression today. More may initially seem amazing, but make sure you’re getting what it is that you truly desired. You may be better off sharing and forming alliances than keeping all that good stuff to yourself. #tarotreadings #metaphysical <3