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Reiki Readings with Tarot: This is a Spiritual reading with Tarot and Crystal Grid Reiki. Using Tarot cards and empathic knowing, your story is revealed in real time while Reiki and clairvoyant healing clear energy blocks that no longer serve you or help you on your true path. Reiki healing and the guidance of Tarot can empower you by helping you find balance and contentment in your present situations and experiences while releasing energy blocks that do not serve you. Click here for more on Reiki Readings with Tarot.

whitecertifiedangelcardreaderReiki Readings: Usui and Kundalini Reiki sessions are given while you relax on a massage table. During these sessions intuitive messages, guidance from your angels and guides, clairvoyant energy healing, and aura clearing flow together. I will gently work with you to uncover your true Soul Path and clear energetic blocks keeping you from your Divine blueprint so that you can heal and reconnect with your higher self and Spirit. This is a relaxing session and most often clients leave with feelings of peaceful confidence and connection to heart self. Click here for more on Reiki Readings Sessions.

Truth-Self Psychic Connection Program: This program is for those who are on a self-healing journey coming from emotional abuse and trauma from past relationships or unhealthy family dynamics. Implementing shadow work, getting in touch with natural psychic abilities, and empowering yourself with energy work, you become aware of and release old patterns, traumas, and other people’s energy from your personal space, finding peace at your heart’s center, your Truth-Self. When you can align with your Truth, you can stand in your own power once again. Click here for more info on the Truth-Self Psychic Connection Program.

One-On-One Private Usui & Kundalini Reiki Attunement Classes: These classes are for self-healers who want to expand their journey with Universal Life Force energywork, lightworkers who want to raise the frequency for themselves, the planet, and those around them, and for healers who want to transition into the professional world of service with their gifts as a Reiki Master Teacher practitioner. Click here for more information on One-On-One Private Usui & Kundalini Reiki Classes.


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