Spirit Writing—Channeling/Automatic Writing Workshop

Get in Touch with Your Higher Soul, Connect with your Spirit Guides and Galactic Council, Channel Angels, What is it that they want you to know in present time?

This Spirit Writing Workshop is for you…

• If you have questions about your True Purpose in life or Divine Path

•If you would like direct guidance from your Higher-Self

•If you have questions for loved ones who have passed


• If you would like to receive messages from your Higher Soul

• If you’d like to connect with Angels around you

• If you would like to create space for Soul Connection anytime, anywhere

• If you would like to hone your psychic and intuitive self-trust

• If you would like to channel messages for others


When:  Monday, April 27th, 2020

Time:  11am-1pm

Where:  Zoom! Settle in and get comfy in your own space.

During this  Workshop we will be

• Raising our frequency to create space for Spirit Connection
• Channeling/Automatic Writing: Journaling
• Receiving answers to specific open-ended questions and prompts
• Connecting with our Higher-Self, Angels, Galactic Guides, and Soul Spirits
• Receiving Messages for Someone Else


Get your Spirit Writing on Here!

Cost:  $25. Once you have paid, an email with the Zoom Registration link will be sent to you.


I’m looking forward to raising our frequencies and aligning together, Goddess Spirit Writers!



P.S. You do not need experience to attend this workshop. All you need is yourself, a pen, and a journal.. Then let Spirit do the rest..

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