As the Indigo Travels Through Life—6 Things I Wish I Had Known

What I Wish I Knew Then—Advice for the Traveling Indigo

1. Find peace in the storm through purpose.

You have a place in the Universe and being here is no accident. Be reassured that you are here for a reason. You are living, evolving and experiencing because that is the nature of who you are. This is your purpose. Finding this peace and recognizing that you are the only one who creates your limitations, means understanding that you are divine and worthy of your dreams and goals.Indigo Child - Things I wish I knew

2. Understand how you are connected and living in One reality.

When you can see how you’re truly connected to everything, you can understand that you are never alone. So many times on my journey, I felt lonely and afraid. Had I only known how wrong I was, and how much love surrounds us.

3. Know that decisions you make are revisable.

Nothing is set in stone. You are constantly evolving and the decisions you make now may suit your purpose for the moment. When that decision no longer suits your purpose, you are empowered to make revisions. Evolving is part of your purpose.

4. Speaking your truth is your freedom and unique contribution.

Following your intuition by listening to what your body tells you is what makes you unique in this world. It’s how you infuse your energy into this experience. When you deny your truth, you are continuing to live with limits and fear, going against your very nature. The Indigo’s path is clear. Shattering fear and walking through new doors of opportunity brings us true and soulful freedom.

5. Investigate what brings you joy.

Sometimes what we loved when we were young changes or grows into something new. Be open to this. Frequently try new things. Find what inspires you and fills you with excitement. The more you experience, the more potential for joy you have.

6. This is as real as it gets!

You are free to make up your own rules! There is no “right” way to live this life or walk your path, and there is no need to feel that you have to imitate someone else’s successes or struggles. Base your choices on your own needs and desires in order to fulfill your wildest dreams.

Breaking the illusion of fear and limitations helps eliminate unnecessary setbacks and procrastination on the path to a successful Indigo journey. When Indigos choose to fight through their fears, they bring clarity and love to a divine presence. Whether conscious of this subtle knowing or not, Indigos affect the planet and the energy that creates Universal Oneness.

How far I’ve come and how far I have yet to go; what I’ve learned from family and friends, inspiring and challenging alike; what I take with me from each experience as I move through life; I see my goals and dreams through starry eyes. I know my true purpose and the adventure begins again each day.

Love & Truth,


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