Goddess Reiki Share—June 2013

Tonight’s June Goddess Reiki Share held the intention of harnessing the sun’s energy to energize new personal endeavors. We focused on what has changed in our lives and what break-throughs we’re building from them. We held the intention of Reiki healing and clearing anything that was blocking our progress and cleared the way for new light energy to assist us in our successes!

Boulder Reiki DeerIt was a beautiful night. Warm with the breeze of the barn fan and open doors, a small deer joined us tonight. It looked as if she had been injured, and we all were drawn to give distance Reiki to this little creature that was watching us with her own curiosity! Didn’t get too close, but her visiting our Reiki circle was no accident.

Jan, owner of the Kelly Big Blue Barn, and her husband said that there were about 150 deer in the herd there in North Boulder. I had no idea! Of course such a magical place would be surrounded by a herd of deer.

Thank you to an amazing group of lightworkers. There were new faces tonight along with familiar, all ready to jump in and heal themselves and each other, and nature! It always thrills and amazes me how everyone has their own gifts they bring to the Reiki practice—what each person sees while giving treatments, how they feel, what they hear, and how they are guided to heal.

Beautiful and Wonderful! Thank you all!


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