Padmes Card of the Day—4 of Cups

4 of cups Padmes Daily TarotPadmes Daily Tarot—4 of Cups

Take a moment to evaluate your situation and act on what is truly in your heart, but remember—if you want the love that is there in your life to stay there, you must nurture it. Are you allowing opportunities to move out of your field because of Truth Self Awareness or fear of failure? Deal with fears that will hold you back and keep you wandering around your destination instead of bring you toward it. Open to the new. #tarot #metaphysical <3

Padmes Daily Tarot—4 of Cups

padmes card of the day 4 of cupsPadmes Daily Tarot—4 of cups

If you’re noticing what appears to be procrastination energy around you, it’s actually everyone going at their own pace, but nobody’s matching… Count on YOU today to git’er done. Don’t let others’ snail race get your jeans dirty. You have permission do it your way today too. Just know that you’re on your own, which can be quite pleasant if you’re not stuck on your expectations of others.   <3 #tarotreadings #metaphysical #timing #tarot