Goddess Reiki Share Healing & Insights June 2015

June 2015 Goddess Reiki ShareNew moon in Gemini, Neptune going retrograde—all about returning to self. Returning to the Divine Feminine Knowingness. Not getting isolated, but paying attention to what’s going on inside and communicating with it.

How have you listened to your inner voice lately? How have you honored your Divine Feminine knowingness and let it into your life? How have you trusted your intuition lately?

I listened unexpectedly. I was looking for a Yoga Teacher Training class for a while. I was looking at one in Costa Rica, one in Lafayette, A couple in Boulder, and then I synchronistically heard about Full Circle Yoga in Longmont. Without having been there before, I knew that was the one and I listened to my inner voice and registered.

It was the perfect training for me. I needed something that was very open to doing things that suit the individual instead of “this is the only way this can be!” “This is the right way!” instead of rigid… and this was the place. It allowed me to have my own Journey instead of going on their journey…

One of the things Erik even said all the time… “This is YOUR yoga practice.”

I full-heartedly trusted my intuition and set my yoga-teacher-training in motion!

I hope you continue to touch in with your Truth-Self, listen to that voice of knowingness, and honor your intuition!