May Goddess Reiki Share was Amazing

Kelly Big Blue BarnSoul Group

Last night’s Goddess Reiki Share brought tears, laughter, lifted all of our spirits, and aligned us closer together as goddesses through sharing and healing. Circling with the intention on our mothers (in honor of Mother’s Day), and our matriarchal lineage, brought up all sorts of things that wanted to be released, but were still hanging out until the right time… Ah, the right time appears when you create it!

You never know what will come up in a healing circle. Our higher selves bring us to the places we need to be, whether we’re aware of it or not. We come together perfectly to experience what we need to in these healing shares.

The Circle Creates Itself…

It’s always fascinating to me who makes it and who has something come up at the last minute. It’s always perfect! If someone at the last minute can’t make it, it seems their being didn’t need the type of healing that was going to happen that night. Or if someone shows up and didn’t think they could come, didn’t RSVP, but they get there in the nick of time, somehow the healing and group energy of that night was calling their higher self to be there.

ReikiCrystalGridThe Reiki Crystal Grid

The Distance Reiki Grid was definitely working its energy last night. Everyone shared and placed their special things on the grid to clear, receive Reiki energy, and to contribute the powerful bubble of healing going on. We added everyone who needed or requested to be on the list and it was beautiful. Thank you everyone for your sacred sharing.

The Venue was Magical

This is the first Goddess Reiki Share that we’ve had at Kelly Big Blue Barn, one of the most magical places ever! I love the enormously high ceilings, pictures of angels, and Archangel Michael, and the Deer Spirit there. Total Faerie energy too! One of my first experiences at the Big Blue Barn entailed beautiful deer in the back lying in the grass like they owned the joint. This particular night, I didn’t see any, but as lightworkers arrived, they said two deer were welcoming them in. I love it.

A magical night indeed. and a very special soul group. Thank you everyone who attended. I’m so excited to meet again next month! I’ll keep you posted!