The Wheel of Fortune—Padmes Card of the Day

Wheel of Fortune Padmes Daily TarotPadmes Daily Tarot—The Wheel of Fortune

Tides are in your favor today and can propel you forward into new exciting adventures. Take care not to let worry or past efforts hold you back or make you hesitate. Instead win the race by thanking your lucky stars, taking chances and opportunities that fall in your path, and by being flexible in the face of change. “Go on, take the money and run.” This is your turning point for something wonderful. Get the scratcher. #tarot

How can your life change if you notice what is in alignment with your heart?

The Wheel of Fortune—Padmes Card of the Day

The Wheel of Fortune Padmes Card of the DayPadmes Daily Tarot—Wheel of Fortune

Today flows waves of good fortune, feelings of accomplishment, & relief; A reminder: you have the power to maintain luck when you become aware of your soul path lessons & take action to bring into the physical what will render joy—not to “Sit & wait for your Princess to arrive. You gotta struggle & fight to keep your dream alive.”—L.L. Cool J. Today acknowledge your purpose & act through Truth Self. The Universe only says YES. #tarot

Have you ever “managed” your own luck with the power of your thoughts?

Padmes Card of the Day—The Wheel of Fortune

Padmes Card of the Day The Wheel of FortunePadmes Daily Tarot—Wheel of Fortune

A day to take risks & write down dreams. Chance meetings & fateful encounters surround an up-cycle of love & destiny. Enjoy immaculate presence in your energy & on your path directing you to lucky changes. Worries that keep you tacked in the past can soften with time. Keep that in mind while celebrating your ascending spiral! No need to postpone joy. Take out the good china, wear the fab shoes. #tarotreadings #metaphysical #mystic <3