Nurturing Indigos and HSPs—Encouragement


Teaching children to ground, center and recognize their own energy is a way to build empowerment and self-esteem. First we must acknowledge where we get this sense of grounding. Knowing and having an understanding of belonging to family and a group of friends and knowing you are connected to the Universe as a divine being doesn’t come naturally when you are in self-protection mode and in a constant state of defense.

I often say, “I like nice people.” It’s not as simple as it sounds. Indigos, Crystals, and Rainbows are empaths/HSPs. How do you or your child feel when certain people approach? Self-conscious? Excited? Bummed out? Teaching your kids to center and ground is important so that they can recognize their own energy and decipher it from others’ energy.

Go easy on yourself, this is hard to do and takes practice when there’s a ton of energy coming at you! When you’re wide open, you’re going to be picking up any old energy that charges you! And especially if you don’t know that’s happening, it’s easy to think you’re all over the place, moody and insane. For a child to feel all of that and not have the communication skills yet to express those feelings or seek proper guidance, it can be infuriating, isolating and can create an array of behaviors, overwhelming anxiety and depression. Awareness on the parents’ part establishes a sense of encouragement for the child.

When there is encouragement, there is empowerment.
Lack of encouragement brings isolation, the worst avoidable phenomena that can lead an HSP astray and leave them yearning for peace half their life. Shutting down, experiencing shame, guilt, feeling discouraged and limited, and dealing with the stress of hurry and food allergies is a lonely way to live life—an utterly avoidable way to live life when the proper guidance is available. Many Indigos experience hardships with abuse and are disregarded in their communities as a result of their sensitive tendencies. An HSP or otherwise empathic child, who sees the world differently than most, needs encouragement in order to live an enriched and successful journey.

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