Libra Tarotscope November 2014

Libra Tarotscope November 2014Libra—10 of Swords reversed— Take a good look at yourself—Libra Tarotscope November 2014

Time to come to an understanding with self about things that have crept up on you from the past. It’s not too late, but it does seem that this enlightenment has come in the nick of time. Best to figure it out before you actually hit rock bottom than hitting rock bottom and getting stuck there. Try to avoid the latter by using what you’ve realized or acknowledge the incoming information and take it to heart instead of letting it sit at the bottom of a pile of what you might look at later.

Libra Tarotscope November 2014

This could be a time to really shake things up. The choice is still yours, but before it’s not, it’s time to conclude a relationship that has not been respectful, leave a job that is less than gravy, end a cycle that does less than serve you, release some old energy that is keeping you from seeing not only the big picture, but how you can really rise above and be your true self—and shine! You’re not trapped even though it may have felt that way in the past weeks. It’s time to make a move. You’re in a perfect new beginnings cycle. Take it and pursue it to the best of your ability.

You could be on your way to your wits end. Before you arrive, make a move for your greatest good. Get out of that unhealthy situation and start fresh. You deserve it and you will move on to such greater aspects of self, even though it may be hard to see right now. Finding new ways to view your situation is your challenge right now. Challenge though it is, imperative right now. You must better yourself by moving onward and upward.

Spiritual Contemplation for Libra Tarotscope November 2014; Journal it:

What do I need to drop like a hot rock? How would I be able to move on without it? What does it look like if I’m in a completely different ideal than what I’ve been living in presently? What is holding me back from leaving behind patterns that no longer serve me?

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