Scorpio Tarotscope December 2014

Scorpio Tarotscope December 2014Five of Cups reversed—Scorpio Tarotscope December 2014

Being accepting of yourself and others this months takes you far! This is a month where you can really self-reflect on what has kept you whirling or unconscious in the past and not repeat the same mistakes or make the same choices twice that didn’t work out the first few times. A lesson in how you can be grateful for what you have in order to get more of it!

This time is also about making changes to your day-to-day life in order to find satisfaction in the path you’ve chosen to walk. It’s about no regrets, seeing yourself as your best self that came this far in the learning process instead of wallowing in your sorrows about what happened possibly years ago that has kept you from your true path of knowledge and greatness!

This is also a month about coming to an understanding about loss that can get you over a mountain and into a new hot spring. Coming to terms with the past and finding some connection with the present can be not only healing, but self preserving. There can be great healing in recognizing all the lessons of the past that bring you to a bright star of self now. The mere recognition and consciousness of that is an amazing feat.

Scorpio Tarotscope December 20145 of Cups reversed with the Card of the Month—Knight of Wands reversed:

These cards together indicate that there may be others contributing to any regret energy in your space. Guilt, expectation energy, competition energy… All others’ energy in your space. Getting clear and setting that body and grounding cord on maximum release is a good practice this month. When others make it difficult to get over past trauma, take some time to get neutral to what is triggering you and clear your space. Set yourself up for process success. (haha!)

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