The Tiny Space within the Sacred Space of the Heart is Never Broken, It is Ever-regenerating🤍


How has heart-drama distracted me from my Truth? When do you choose love and when do you choose yourself? (When you have to choose between the two..) When in my life have I stayed in a situation that called me out of my worth? Why did I do that? What kept me? When have I lost myself in someone else’s trauma energy? How did it trigger my own? How have I recovered from painful illumination? Did it make me stronger? Am I a better version of myself for it?

Is the wisdom of a fool more powerful than love? than illumination? Are they the same? How do I maintain Truth-self, Identity-space neutrality and clarity? Coming from a place of being disillusioned. Make a choice. Live from your heart. When have I gotten lost in the shadow of a mountain? How did my higher-self climb up? Do we see what we want to see? Why did my higher-self choose this experience? What does it want me to understand? What have I learned manifesting from breadcrumbs?

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What does your heart say?