Celebrating the Day of the Fool 🤍

The Fool is actually not a fool at all. He is the self-actualized Self who is One with the Universe. The One who co-creates, the One who recognizes intrinsic creation energy… Love. The One who creates their own destiny.

Has there ever been a moment you trusted the Universe so much that you weren’t afraid? You knew nothing was coincidence, only ever synchronistic? You just followed your heart and it led you to your lit path? When has there been a road back, but you decided to go forward? How has the Universe come through for you when it was seemingly impossible?

When have you reinvented, started over, stepped into different and deeper layers of your soul? Where in your life have you stood at crossroads and had to choose? How will you celebrate your pure connection with creation Love today? What will you channel from your highest self and bring into your physical? 🤍

Double Rainbow 🤍 Double Mission #TarotSelfInquiry

#Tarotselfinquiry 🤍 #doublerainbow Remembering you have a double mission in this incarnation: To have your own spiritual journey and to be a Crystal on the Grid. What is your Truth and what Truth have you come to bring into the physical? How do you channel your light into the world, raising the vibration of the planet? How do you ground and stay clear from the distraction of fear?

What will I do today to fulfill my purpose? What is it that I need to align with the purity of my tiny space within the sacred space of my heart? How can I connect with the purpose of my heart, my Truth of Love?

You are surrounded by love and assisted by your Galactic Council of Light. What will you ask of them today? How do I stay True to my path and my purpose of shining love into the world? What am I diligent about and what can I center within my life that I’ve been shying away from? What do I need to surrender to the Universe? How can I move forward in my Truth? 🤍Who matches me in my mission in this life? How do we move forward in Bliss, Purpose, and Love? 🤍