Celebrating the Day of the Fool 🤍

The Fool is actually not a fool at all. He is the self-actualized Self who is One with the Universe. The One who co-creates, the One who recognizes intrinsic creation energy… Love. The One who creates their own destiny.

Has there ever been a moment you trusted the Universe so much that you weren’t afraid? You knew nothing was coincidence, only ever synchronistic? You just followed your heart and it led you to your lit path? When has there been a road back, but you decided to go forward? How has the Universe come through for you when it was seemingly impossible?

When have you reinvented, started over, stepped into different and deeper layers of your soul? Where in your life have you stood at crossroads and had to choose? How will you celebrate your pure connection with creation Love today? What will you channel from your highest self and bring into your physical? 🤍

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What does your heart say?