MicroOrbit Cards Day 49!

50 Days of Microcosmic Orbit!

🤍 Our MicroOrbit Cards for Day 49! 🤍
We have lots of support cards today. Our messages revolve around our guides being present, helping us heal, ascend, and manifest. They gently remind us that nothing is set in stone. That we can change our mind at any moment and engage in a different stream of consciousness, one more conducive to our purpose.
When we ask, they help us align to our highest and brightest frequency. They guide us to our greatest good and they light our path so we can’t miss it. They help us see the way. We only have to engage in communication and be open to receive. Be looking for the synchronicities. We have Invitation to Connect, Merkaba, Spiritual Protection, Mother again today, Father, Endless Opportunities, Answer the Call, we have Strength twice, and Bee Spirit: Sweet Results Await.
They ask us to step out of the box, open to receive differently than the situation seems like is possible. We have a message of releasing past lineage agreements and instead establish a new contract that aligns with your deepest values in your present-time timeline. 🤍 I feel like someone’s trying to get through, and today’s messages are telling us to listen! 🤍

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