MicroOrbit Cards Day 48!

50 Days of Microcosmic Orbit

We have 2 Key cards today and 2 Door Cards. Messages of hidden wisdom, seeing your triggers as a gift, and healing through awareness appear. What has been a pattern in the past that you didn’t see, though once illuminated, you could never go back to the old way of thinking, living, or understanding life?

Today’s cards ask us to get clear on the way you want to be loved. They’re bringing our attention to over-indulgence, excess, moderation, and balance, to burning the candle at both ends in order to seemingly have everything, but ultimately not sustainable or long-lasting situations. The longer imbalance continues the greater the challenge is to regain equilibrium.

The Dead End card appears today and says there are doors opening all around you, just not the one you planned on walking through. If you are courageous enough to accept, adjust, and adapt, the Dead End becomes Life’s Beginning. The keys today allow you to open new doors, clear away obstructions, and free yourself from any prisons, physical, emotional or psychological. Awareness is brought to new opportunities and balance. What you manifest may come to you in unexpected ways. Open to see. 🤍

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