2 of Wands reversed—Padmes Card of the Day

2 of wands reversed Padmes Daily TarotPadmesDailyTarot—2 of Wands reversed

Your next step is your own. Making a decision based solely on your knowingness is the best option here. Other people’s opinions and expectations projected onto you can be a powerful force that keeps you stagnant and holds you up from your evolution. Don’t be that bunny. Taking charge of your destiny is how you keep your skinny jeans at the front of the closet. Saying no is part of the immaculate self-care that you deserve. #tarot

How can you count on you today?


Padmes Daily Tarot—2 of Wands reversed

padmes daily tarot 2 of wands reversedPadmesDailyTarot—2 of Wands reversed

Again today, personal truth is reigning. Not a day to go along with the crowd, but to interject your own thoughts & feelings & follow your own path. Out-of-the-box resolutions & keeping your heart open to new ideas, agendas, & adventures will set you in a whirl of Universal flow. Things can fall into place when you trust yourself. Go, Monkey! Free yourself from anyone who brings you down.