4 of Cups reversed—Padmes Card of the Day

4 of cups reversed Padmes Card of the DayPadmes Daily Tarot—Page of Swords

Just being is fulfilling your purpose—the rest is choice. How do you want to vibrate? Magic is waiting to happen when you let yourself out of resistance & express your Truth Self—doing this gives others permission to be authentic; self-love offers the option to match your healing frequency. Self-care, yes, but not the day to cocoon. Seek out & say yes to opportunities, invite others into your world, set your heart at receiving. #Tarot <3 www.padmes.com

Padmes Daily Tarot—4 of Cups reversed

Padmes Card of the Day 4 of Cups reversedPadmesDailyTarot—4 of Cups reversed

Decision made! Seeing the perfection in a choice that was right there in front you the whole time. A True-self personal epiphany may have you seizing the day and making things happen. A new or renewed sense of inspiration can put you back on track and in your natural flow with the Universe. A specific moment where you’re aware of “coming out of incubation” or an old processing period. Good goin’!