Padmes Card of the Day—The Empress

The Empress Padmes Daily TarotThe Empress—Padmes Daily Tarot

You can relax. You have plenty of time to do all you need to do today while staying in your present mind instead of being frenetically out-of-body. Growth & transcendence will take place when you balance your emotions & logical thinking—respond instead of react. You’ll get more bees with calm, cool, assuredness—being comfortable in your own skin—this morning & this afternoon. Your frequency heals others, you don’t even have to try. #tarot <3

Padmes Card of the Day—Queen of Wands reversed

Queen of Wands reversed Padmes Daily TarotQueen of Wands reversed—Padmes Daily Tarot

A struggle with personal power, loss of confidence or manipulation by others can make foreign energy walking right into your space seem easier than usual. Claim your space. Decide what emotions & energy are yours & which ones are someone else’s. If you’re the culprit who’s been manipulating to get what you desire, rethink this. You’re more powerful than the need to use that kind of strategy. Don’t make the Unicorns sad. #tarot <3

Padmes Daily Tarot—The World

Padmes Card of the Day The WorldThe World—Padmes Card of the Day

Approach opportunities today with open arms—help from others & success are available to you. You can supersede struggle today & win what you came for. Deep inner immersion reflects life around you. Your Truth Self is rich & in collaboration with your outer world. It’s time to come to terms with the past & take a step toward the future—a substantial ending & a new beginning are afoot. Wrap up something ongoing & start a new chapter. #tarot <3

Padmes Daily Tarot—5 of Swords

Padmes Daily Tarot 5 of swords5 of Swords—Padmes Card of the Day

An event or actions of an ambitious-to-a-fault jealous someone can be a bolder on your path if you don’t hold your space. You can fight or lay down your sword and live to fight another day. This is a day to remember, “You gotta know when to hold’em. Know when to fold’em. Know when to walk away. Know when to run.” It’s up to you, but this can be over now, or affect you for months to come. Your being right doesn’t need to be proven. #tarot <3

Padmes Card of the Day—9 of Cups reversed

Padmes Daily Tarot 9 of cups9 of Cups reversed—Padmes Daily Tarot

What you want & what you’re searching for wants you back. Rumi says so. If you’re not fulfilled & there’s something missing, it’s time to reevaluate what matters. The big pic has changed. Over-indulgence can lead to upset later. Those around you are affected by your actions & words—lack of regard for them in their process is a direct reflection of self-neglect. It’s important to check yourself before you wreck yourself. #Tarot <3