Padmes Card of the Day—Justice reversed

Padmes Daily Tarot Justice reversedPadmes Daily Tarot—Justice reversed

Possibly starting last night or in your dreamscape past wrongs, betrayals, and disloyalty have been surfacing as memories you’d rather forget. Let them bubble up and release into the atmosphere. Truly this is part of your healing process. You’ve come this far. These fears and disappointments run deep. Just remember, you have a whole spirit team working for you. Those “enemies” led you to your higher self perfectly. #higherself #tarot #justicereversed #mystic #metaphysical <3

Padmes Card of the Day—Knight of Wands

Padmes Daily Tarot Knight of WandsPadmes Daily Tarot—Knight of Wands

A day trip/planning for travel is ideal today. This can be leisure or work, either will manifest fun, excitement, & creativity. It’s a day to brainstorm & raise the frequency of an idea you want to pursue—or an idea that you started, got sidetracked from, & put down. Honor your ebb & flow & pick it back up—there’s good stuff there! Power plays afoot. You may be swept away by someone’s charm—wait it out for sincerity. #tarot #mystical <3

Padmes Card of the Day—Ace of Wands reversed

Padmes Daily Tarot Ace of Wands reversedPadmes Daily Tarot‬—Ace of Wands reversed.

Instead of launching something new or venturing off into unknown territory today, focus on what’s right in front of you that needs your attention. There’s time to prospect and plan after you take care of settling some bets, tying up a few strays, and organizing makeup on the vanity. Purging makes room for your future epiphanies to glide right in. ‪#‎padmes‬ ‪#‎tarot‬ ‪#‎tarotreadings‬ ‪#‎metaphysical‬ <3

Padmes Card of the Day—4 of Swords reversed

padmes card of the day 4 of swords reversedPadmesDailyTarot—4 of Swords reversed

Jump in with both feet & take action! Do not delay, postpone, or procrastinate. Gitter’done. Whatever has been on your plate that seems to never go away because you never seem to get to it… Today is the day! There is logic to this endeavor. When you’ve finished that means the next part of your evolution can resume. What are you being unconscious to? What have you really been keeping from your awareness? #tarot #metaphysical <3

Padmes Card of the Day—4 of Pentacles

Padmes Card of the Day 4 of Pentacles Padmes Daily Tarot—4 of Pentacles

It’s good to know where you stand & what your goals are in relation to the reality of the situation. Checking in on your progress instead of falling into a hole of wishful thinking is helpful today. Regain your confidence by taking a look at how far you’ve come, but also keep in mind the finish line is still in front of you. Don’t stop now before you get there. Trust the process & keep it movin’ boo boo. #tarot #metaphysical #dailytarot <3