Padmes Card of the Day—The Empress

Padmes Card of the Day The EmpressPadmesDailyTarot—The Empress

A day to deeply connect and nurture self. See a meaningful movie, eat wonderful food, read inspirational words from a favorite book, have under-the-surface conversations, listen to the geese flying overhead, breathe in the air and let the breath roll through your lungs and your whole body. Today can bring youth, vitality, and new beginnings that have risen from places you have already healed. Open you eyes to your Truth. #tarot #newage <3

Padmes Card of the Day—The King of Pentacles

padmes card of the day the king of pentaclesPadmes Daily Tarot—King of Pentacles

Don’t give up. Today is not the day to flop on the floor & pound your fists. Continue to be diligent & patient. What you want will come to you if you are persistent. Fortune follows you through serendipitous meetings & copious reunions. You come face to face with praise & genuine gratitude. Be gracious & know there’s more where that came from. You will hear from who you’ve been waiting for, so ixnay the negative self talk. #tarot <3

Padmes Daily Tarot—5 of Swords reversed

padmes card of the day 5 of swords reversedPadmes Daily Tarot—5 of Swords reversed

An argument or disagreement past or present is surfacing & creating havoc in your process. At this point you just want the dust to settle & get on with it already. You’ve got all the information you need & you aren’t missing anything in order to renegotiate or let things go. Not everyone can be happy all of the time, so don’t worry about their desires over yours anymore. You have to live with you. #tarot #truthself #metaphysical <3

Padmes Card of the Day—The Hierophant reversed

Padmes Card of the Day Hierophant reversedPadmes Daily Tarot—The Hierophant reversed

Rebellious maneuvers are in order today. Doing something out of the box or different than your norm can be winning all the way around. If you’re feeling pressure of the social variety, it’s time to stand your ground & do what you decide is best for you, not anyone else including friends or fam. Go inward today, grok synchronicities, & decode spiritual messages. Your answers are powerful. #tarotreading #tarot #metaphysical <3

Padmes Card of the Day—9 of Swords

padmes card of the day 9 of swordsPadmesDailyTarot—9 of Swords

Negative self-talk and despair about the future staking permanent claim in your energy field is a choice. Living in the future and dreading something for years that may never come into play can create immense unnecessary anxiety. Observe today what fills your mind space and decide if you want it to stay there or take a hike. Our whole lives can be filled with fear of the future if we don’t pay attention to our present moments. #tarot <3