September’s Reiki Share was Lovely!

“OOh La La” and Tasers…

Goddess Reiki SharesThe full moon was amazing and, as always, the group is wonderful. We touched on a topic that is not often talked about in the share because everyone comes with the greatest of healing intentions—But what if you experience, as a practitioner or as a receiver of a Reiki treatment, something inappropriate, be it a comment, a look, or other. How do we react to these types of behaviors as Lightworkers?

The group had a lot to say. I was grateful that we could talk about this, even though it wasn’t so “Love & Light” of a topic. The consensus revolved around good boundaries, working in a place where you feel safe, and ending a session as soon as you feel uncomfortable. There was also mention of really looking at what is making you uncomfortable. Is it your sensitivity? Or have boundaries really been crossed?

Bottom line: It’s up to you to make sure you’re safe ! So whatever is going on, know that you are supported in this circle if you ever need to talk about an experience or ask a question that’s causing some inner conflict!

For the most part, though, everyone has lovely experiences and amazing clients. Reiki truly is a lifestyle. When you live Reiki you live with compassion, safe boundaries, and love.

Thank you all for a lovely evening! And I hope to see everyone who couldn’t make it next time!
In Love,

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2 Responses to September’s Reiki Share was Lovely!

  1. Christine says:

    Crystals, crystals, crystals! Working with them can help fortify your boundaries and keep you safe in your own space.

    Black Tourmaline: seals your aura and heals any rips, tears, or severed cords.

    Rose Quartz: Wraps you in love and heals emotionally, both are intergral to a strong aura that keeps love in and seals lower energies out

    Hemitite: The Boundry setter! Working with this crystal will help you estalish bounderies, especially for those who have problems setting them.

    Sodalite: Speak your truth! Part of having good boundries is being able to commuincate this desire and let people know when they have crossed them.

    I also encourge the use of any stones that attract angels so that you can set your boundries, but do so with love and with the help of Angels. Theses include Angelite, Celestite, Danburite, Seraphinite, Angel Stones, etc.

    Get a book on setting up grids in your healing space and use these crystals (plus any others that grab your attention – pay attention to these) and set up a grid around the room, healing table, etc. Not only are you defining your space, but you can enhance the healing experience as well.

    Brightest Of Blessings!