Gyan Mudra—Mudra of Celestial Knowledge and Inner Peace

Gyan MudraThe Gyan Mudra (or position of the hand; “seal” in Sanskrit) is one of the most popularly practiced mudras because of its healing and calming effects.  It is known to energize the nervous system while bringing peace, calm, and spiritual awareness.

Enhancing knowledge and rejuvenating all the nerves in the body, this mudra is a cure for all diseases with the origin of a weak nervous system. With consistant practice, it is said that the power of your memory increases, concentration is solidified,  and a great calmness assists in meditation.

You can practice this mudra at any time: day or night, while in meditation, or simply while you’re falling asleep as it also prevents insomnia.

Engage this position by lightly touching the tip of the thumb to the tip of the index finger, with your other three fingers straight up. Almost like the “OK” sign, but the three fingers are touching each other.

Gyan MudraThis mudra is known to stimulate the brain, empower the mind, and activate the pituitary gland. It stimulates the endrocrine system and physically soothes achey joints.

How Does the Gyan Mudra Work?

Your hands are full of meridians and energy centers, like an electrical energy base. The tip of thumb activates centers of pituitary and endocrine glands. When these two centers are connected with the index finger, the two glands are energized.

The Gyan mudra stimulates the root chakra bringing relief to pressure brought on by material fears easing depression while assisting in expansion and knowledge. It is considered a direct link to relaxation for meditation and openness to Spirit.

Engaging in the Gyan mudra and placing your palms face down, this mudra grounds and roots your energy to earth. Directing the palms outward connects you with Universal knowledge.

This position brings Oneness Awareness to the practitioner. Practiced consistently, it heals psychological disorders: mental disorders, anxiety, anger, and depression.

You are LightFingers and Corresponding Properties


Earth element • Planet Saturn • Corresponds to Stomach, Spleen, Mouth. It is connected to the intellect (Yi) influencing clarity.

Index finger

Wood element • Planet Jupiter • Corresponds to Liver, Gall Bladder, Eyes. It is connected to the ethereal soul (Hun) influincing sensitivity.

Middle finger

Fire element • Planet Mars • Corresponds to Heart, Small Intestine, Tongue. It is connected to the aggregate soul (Shen) influencing creativity.

Ring finger

Metal element • Planet Venus • Corresponds to Lungs, Large Intestine, Nose. It  is connected to the corporeal soul (Po) influencing intuition.


Water element • Planet Mercury • Corresponds to Kidney, Bladder, Ears. It is connected to the will (Zhi) influencing spontaneity.

Do you practice this Mudra? If so, let me know if you practice for a particular reason and when you practice.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

One Love & Padmes,



Padmes Reiki Readings

padmesI had the most amazing people come to me for readings today. I was so inspired by my community and humanity. Even though these amazing people had triumphs, suffered from grief and loss, were at odds with spirituality, and were conflicted about moving forward emotionally, all of them were trying to “be better” for loved ones. They were offering and asking for love. I am honored by all who shared with me today.

Thank you Thank you Thank you.


September’s Reiki Share was Lovely!

“OOh La La” and Tasers…

Goddess Reiki SharesThe full moon was amazing and, as always, the group is wonderful. We touched on a topic that is not often talked about in the share because everyone comes with the greatest of healing intentions—But what if you experience, as a practitioner or as a receiver of a Reiki treatment, something inappropriate, be it a comment, a look, or other. How do we react to these types of behaviors as Lightworkers?

The group had a lot to say. I was grateful that we could talk about this, even though it wasn’t so “Love & Light” of a topic. The consensus revolved around good boundaries, working in a place where you feel safe, and ending a session as soon as you feel uncomfortable. There was also mention of really looking at what is making you uncomfortable. Is it your sensitivity? Or have boundaries really been crossed?

Bottom line: It’s up to you to make sure you’re safe ! So whatever is going on, know that you are supported in this circle if you ever need to talk about an experience or ask a question that’s causing some inner conflict!

For the most part, though, everyone has lovely experiences and amazing clients. Reiki truly is a lifestyle. When you live Reiki you live with compassion, safe boundaries, and love.

Thank you all for a lovely evening! And I hope to see everyone who couldn’t make it next time!
In Love,

It’s My Birthday Month—and We’re Halfway through 2012…

I’m so excited to be getting this site back together and to pursue my passions as a Reiki Healer and Intuitive Reader. I’m looking forward to meeting more of you and working with you.

As some of you may know, I am working at the Community Holistic Health Center doing table Reiki as well as Intuitive Spiritual Readings with Reiki crystals. I’m also teaching Living Reiki Classes once a month for a 4-part series and hosting a Goddess Reiki Share Reiki Circle once a month. I’m telling you, this is my dream! I am living my dream. And I’m hoping to help others live their dreams whatever they may be by clearing blocked energy and looking into your patterns that lead you to your greatest good.

live your dreamsPlease feel free to stop by the center and check it out. It’s full of healers who do body work: massage, acupuncture, reflexology, Reiki, yoga, aroma therapy—oh my, all sorts of things! We have a lot of fun, too, during Art Nights Out in Lafayette, the quarterly Health Fairs, and during all the festivals in the summer too (Like Lafayette’s Peach Festival!!)

As it is my birthday month, I wanted to mention that everyone’s birthday seems to lead to giant changes or full-circles in their lives. Mine has arrived, that’s for sure! I have made some changes in my own life so that I can live my dreams! My friends have been telling me this for a long time, but I wasn’t ready to take off my marketing hat just yet.

Then this year, it kind of hit me over the head! It was time! I was coming into all sorts of “swimming in Jell-O” or how you feel when you’re running in a dream and you can only go as fast as your body would run if it were asleep… And with the help of some special people, I figured out that I was not living my own dreams when I was marketing for others. I was living others’ dreams.

Though I didn’t feel like that always, I feel like marketing for others was my dream for a while! It just isn’t now. That’s 2012 for you. And as always, if you don’t make moves when the Universe is calling, it will help make the moves for you…

What is your dream that you haven’t quite gotten to yet? The one that you keep thinking about, but haven’t jumped on yet?

In Love,