Card of the Week—7 of Swords—Don’t Show All Your Cards

7 of SwordsTalk about a Mercury Retrograde card! Even with all these new endeavors going on this month: support from the Universe, letting go, and total trust in yourself and your success, let’s take a look at respect for past lessons. Just because there’s a lot on your side doesn’t mean you can throw what you’ve learned in the world out the window. Be cautions of things in your past that you consider definite lessons or hardships that you’ve learned from.

I’m talking about lessons that make you say, “Woa. I won’t do that again.” Lessons that bring to the light things that you’ll never misplace, misuse, or take for granted again. This card can be about hard lessons in betrayal. Even though experiencing betrayal brings some of the worst feelings, it brings with it a self reflection that gives you the opportunity to truly decide how you respond vs. how you react. It give you the freedom to change your frequency.

You Now Know the Difference Between Trusting and Just Being Naive

Because of the moving forward and positive cards this month, feelings of mistrust or paranoia are opportunities to remember past lessons where we were possibly not as present as we could have been. But now we have new trust for ourselves. Been there, done that, won’t do it again.

No one’s pulling the wool over your eyes, buddy. As a result of these times, we’re ready to easily swim through this current and stand in our own power. We’re able to hold our space even in uneasy waters and not get shaky. Nice work.

This is also a time to count on your higher self—your higher surroundings. Gain strength connecting with the understanding that Spirit is infinite and that the reality of the body is limitation. We’re just playing here. Pulling in some amusement about life and remembering those A-Ha moments can put it all into perspective.


Mercury Retrograde is the Tower…

Mercury Retrograde started this month on the 6th.

I always begin to hear stories of the past somehow catching up, someone’s computer going crazy, car troubles, and arguments just a few days before the actual event. Tower Card-Magical Forest Tarot

Mercury Retrograde happens about four times a year. During Mercury’s retrograde phase you can look through a telescope and see Mercury moving backwards… It’s an optical illusion, but none-the-less, these times affect all of us on Earth… Some more than others.

As the Communication planet, Mercury asks us to take another look at things lost, things given up, things let go, things that we tried to block! Old lessons that we thought we’d learned, pop back up for review.

This may seem daunting, but there are gifts that can come from this madness. Of course slowing down is one of the messages… It does seem to me that the Universe uses these times as a get-out-of-jail free card… Strings attached.

When the tower card enters the room, everyone gets still and holds their breath. But ultimately, it’s the Universe saying, “Hey! You haven’t left this situation yet and it looks like you never will, so I’m going to help you out! You’re Welcome!”

Sometimes what seem to be upsetting changes end up being the best thing you could have ever had happen.

Even if sadness, betrayal, and bewilderment are the first things that come up… The Universe may have something else in mind for you. Your foundation being rocked ultimately can pull the best out of you that would have never had the chance to make an appearance. You start something over or let it go to move on to the next thing—all along the way creating a more complete you.

Not all Mercury Retrogrades, however, are devastating by any means.

These periods in time are really perfect for brainstorming, planning, resolving, and meditating—getting in touch with those parts of your mind and energy that you’ve pushed to the back a bit. Dreams are significant, Readings are powerful, releasing blocked, stuck, and old emotional energy with Reiki is extremely effective during this time, and writing down your thoughts and feelings will bring positive changes when you look back at them.

Planning is a good idea during Mercury’s illusion, but signing contracts, having dental work or surgeries, setting things in stone… Those are exactly the kind of things that will come back to haunt you next time around.

Mercury goes direct November 26th. The “Shadow” is supposed to last for another week. I usually feel that once Direct, it’s Direct, but it does affect some people, so to be safe, stay on the planning and brainstorming side of things until December.

If you have stories or experiences during Mercury’s “backin-it-up” phase I’d love to hear about them! Especially since so many of us will be spending Turkey Day with Family!

Comment away :)

In Love,


8 of Wands

Oh! Fast Communication of the positive variety, by email, fax, phone, or in-person—it’s exciting and swift information on it’s way to you. This is a word that I made up—but for me this card means quickity! (It makes sense.)

This card indicates that things are picking up, orders are being made, marketing efforts are coming into fruition. It promotes fast timing for a positive change of plans or turn of events. Falling in love quickly ( surrounding cups cards), needing more communication or marketing for business (wands), hiring a quick thinker that is imperative to a business group (swords), or money coming in unexpectedly (pentacles). The seeker has luck for travel at this time and is advised to take all risk-related offers. It might feel as if things are too good to be true, but they’re good to go.

oooof. Talk about nothing going down how it was supposed to. Car troubles. Computer troubles. Misunderstandings. Delays in travel. Possible stagnation in work and business. The best case scenario is to deal with old business and organize things that you’ve been neglecting. (Feels like Mercury Retrograde.)