Card of the Week—Three of Cups—Celebrate

three of cupsHa! Last week’s card was two of cups, and this week’s card, very randomly drawn, is the three of cups. This calls for a celebration!

Live it up this week. Your desire to bring joy and fun into your life is warranted. Let loose! Time for friends that you love like family to gather and git down. It’s time for family celebrations, weddings, get togethers, and parties of all kinds. And you might just imbibe a bit.

Feel free and safe to honor social invitations and don’t be shy. This is a time that could bring family and friends closer together with lasting affects. As last week’s, it’s also a time that could mend some broken fences.

Have some caution while you celebrate. Don’t drink and drive and be careful about calling in baby spirits that want to join you in your journey if you’re not ready for them yet. On the other hand, if you’re wanting to call in those baby spirits… Now is the time! You’ve got some fertile mojo working for you this week, so go for it!

In astrology, this card represents Mercury in Cancer. I guess it’s no coincidence that amazing and potent transits are unfolding during the 2013 Third Trimester. Therefore the cups are abundant in our energy fields! The positive aspects of water include being compassionate, empathetic, loving, kind, charitable, psychic, joyous, and emotionally fulfilled. These feelings and characteristics are what to focus on this week.

Three of cups advises us to nurture our network. Call those you seem to think about often, but haven’t seen or spoken to in a while. Catch up. Plan a meetup. Spontaneity is lurking in the ethers, so be ready for anything! If you’re dealing with groups of people this is a perfect time as everyone works together swimmingly.

Keep in mind this week the little and big celebrations life brings. Love it when you see it, notice, and become aware of it. Kiss your puppy’s face.

Card of the Week—2 of Cups—Come Together

2 of cupsThe Kindred Spirits are voicing their presence at this time. Conflicts take a back seat or even dissolve and forgiveness steps forward. Friends and lovers will influence your decisions this week, and it is a blessing as you can trust their offerings.

If you were considering the end of a relationship, friend or beloved, now isn’t the time to cut that cord. Positive resolution is in the ethers. You can call upon this knowledge and regain faith in this union. It is very possible to come together in values and commonality this week!

Spending time with friends this week will balance any overly hermit energy you’ve been experiencing and leads to some eventful brain storming! Remember, like attracts like. Manifesting your Soul’s desire and speaking your truth to a trusted friend can move this energy forward.

Note: Now is a time to be gentle with yourself. Healing comes through letting go of judgement at this time.

SP: Now is a perfect time to practice reflective listening and let down your guard. Letting your partner know what you need and letting your partner express their needs can happen more easily than usual this week. You can both hear each other.



More on the 4 of Cups

So many decisions, so little time…. Actually this card gives the impression that there is time to waste, but there’s not! When this card appears in a spread, the seeker is being given an opportunity that she may not recognize as opportunity. This is a bummer, because the longer she holds off, the less available it is to her.

When this card presents itself I feel a fog in the seeker’s dynamics. The seeker is involved so deeply in a certain way of living that it’s almost impossible for them to see what’s past the fog. It is possible, but they need something to jar them out of the forest. Something that snaps them out of their fog. It is also a card of not understanding what is important about their life and not feeling inspired. There is a need for a true sense of Spirit here and finding that is imperative.

The seeker has found her way through the fog and is ready to jump in the pool, so to speak! She takes the opportunity by storm and accepts new relationships and engagements. What once did not seem important, now shows itself as valuable to the seeker. Reversed, the seeker very well may have found a muse or what inspires her, and the fog clears.

7 of Cups

The Seven of cups represents acquiring what you need, but not necessarily what you wish for. It can be wishful thinking without means/oomph to manifest goals.

Being pulled in many different directions/being all over the place emotionally attached to so many things that it’s hard to stick with one solid goal at a time. When the spread is about love, this card can represent overlooking reality—building up a relationship as you want to see it, not how it really is. If you have the Knight of Cups paired with the 7 of cups, watch out for a suitor who loves the ladies and is not ready to commit!

If the spread indicates work related issues, this card shows that there is a tendency to have too many chiefs working on one project or that there are too many projects going on for one person to handle.

This card can indicate “too much” of a “good” thing. That good thing might be swell in moderation, but if overindulged, could bring a mountain of havoc. When the Moon card appears with the seven of cups, look for this.

the 7 of Cups can also show that many different relationships are at play in a situation involving the seeker.

Paired with the 7 of Swords, it can mean lies around the seeker.

Honing skills for visualization when this card appears can bring the seeker to set realistic goals instead of maintaining the feeling of running aimlessly on the wheel.

Seven of Cups reversed is all about focus. Goals are available for success because the seeker has overcome issues revolving around non-commitment. She is able to achieve success by means of manifesting, working in a focused manner, and seeing the situation for what it is. This will help her attract what she needs and plan for what it takes to achieve her goal.

8 of Cups

When I see this card I get the strong sense that a decision to leave a situation has been a long time coming. The seeker has tried to make it work. She’s tried to figure it out, usually working alone to make a relationship or partnership harmonious and productive, but something is just not letting the square peg fit in the circle. It’s sad, but it’s been such a long time coming, that the seeker is ready to move on. No regrets. The seeker knows this hasn’t been working and now wants to and does move on to something that better supports her.

This cards shows that the seeker is taking the emotion out of a situation and is able to see it for what it is. She can ask herself, “Is this for my greatest good?” “Is this situation supporting me?” and be objective in answering those questions. What makes this not an epiphany is that it’s been slowly losing passion for a while. There’s a feeling of loneliness here, but not the kind that is devastating. The kind that just takes over enough to be swayed by another person or project when they cross the path as a catalyst to let this situation go.

Pretty much, this cards means the exact opposite when reversed. Can be someone else in the seeker’s life, but usually the seeker—who is settling. She’s not super happy, but is going through the motions anyway. It’s about being phobic of real intimacy. The seeker is staying in a relationship or partnership that does not require intimacy, which ultimately does not render happiness, because they can’t move past their own feelings of worth.

Sometimes this person will go back on good decisions to leave (when the card was upright) because they can’t seem to move on. If this is paired with the Devil card, it can mean a hard time trying to kick an addictive relationship. Co-dependence: waiting for what the seeker wants the other party to do for them, but the other party just doesn’t play that way. It’s getting the idea that some day things will work out, but that day never comes. The seeker stays and waits anyway thinking there’s hope for the partner to follow through or change, but the partner does not (and possibly, due to dynamics, can’t).

The seeker doesn’t act on what he or she truly wants and may seem fickle. “I want it to be like this today, but not tomorrow.” Mood-based. And really moody! You never know if they’re going to have your back or not.