2013 December Goddess Reiki Share!

Goddess Reiki Share December This Month the Goddess Reiki Share made intentions of releasing false beliefs & illuminating personal truth!

It was a biggie with the Winter Solstice coming up, so we were ready! Last month we did some manifesting with Reiki, and this month we built on that premise by creating intentions for the year ahead.

With the Sagittarius New Moon on the 2nd this month helping us shed layers of false-belief energy, we’re dropping what no longer serves us in terms of old belief patterns that snag the render of evolution for our greater good and soul path purpose.

We celebrate the Full Moon in Gemini by acknowledging and validating where we are in our own personal journey leading the way to our expressions of our own truths. Bringing forth what it is that we need to recognize our own ability to “know” and be certain within our own consciousness, we’ll be giving acknowledgement to ourselves and our process, being grateful for our lessons, accomplishments, and what has guided us to our truths where we are right now.

As Lightworkers we are constantly healing ourselves and the environment around us, consciously raising our frequencies for the betterment of the world.

This month we raise our vibrations with Reiki energy in present time and acknowledge our personal truths in order to raise the consciousness of the world!

Amazing healers last night! We had New Reiki healers who joined the circle as well as past gatherers. A good group of bodyworkers who integrate Reiki with Craniosacral, massage, and Healing Touch. The energy in the room vibrates when everyone is in their zone, healing away. And the Kelly Big Blue Barn rocks as usual with Angelic and Faerie energy around us amped up by the frequency of Reiki, whew! We definitely had to ground before driving home!

Thank you to everyone who brought their healing hands last night!

See you in January!



Manifesting with Reiki—November Goddess Reiki Share

Manifest with Reiki Goddess Reiki ShareAn amazing night of healers, psychics, and manifestors manifesting with Reiki!

Thank you to all who came to heal, heal each other, and bring more light into the world. The circle always forms perfectly, and perfect it was. I brought pyrite to engage some of our manifesting energy to add to the Reiki Crystal Grid, and the last to arrive brought some too without knowing—it was a true Pyrite Night! I love it when we’re psychic and we don’t even know it. ;)

The Reiki crystal grid was strong last night and everyone had amazing insight and beautiful crystals to add before we started working on each other. One of our practitioners is on the Board for LifeSpark and let us all know that they are beginning to work with Oncologists who are doing studies about the affects of Reiki and Cancer patients. We are all thrilled that Reiki is becoming more and more familiar to the public and we look forward to hearing about the evolution of these studies.

After meeting in the circle, sharing, and talking about experiences and techniques for manifesting with Reiki, we raised the Manifesting with Reiki-pyrite night!Reiki energy around us, filled our space with healing warmth and began our practice of channeling the energy through us.

When you give Reiki, you receive Reiki. It’s not a one-way street! So it was no surprise that after a few treatments, the room was buzzing with some crazy high frequency. With this high frequency comes the opportunity to really open up consciously to seeing, hearing, and feeling the energies around us. The connections made tonight were clear and perfectly carried out. I am always honored that this circle is safe and everyone can be free with what we see and feel. The conscious awareness that opens to the healing of energy is the lost connection that we’re all remembering.

As always, the space at the Blue Barn is amazing as well as angel-filled and faerie-swarmed. A beautiful night.

Come join us for the December Goddess Reiki Share! RSVP: GoddessReikiShare.com

October Goddess Reiki Share—Thank You, Lightworkers

Thank You LightworkersPowerful night of healing, that’s for sure!

Mercury retrograde was there to help out with the intense day of nothing being on schedule and by the time I got there to set up, a woman still facilitating her class and who apparently had a really hard time in the flood, had quite an aggressive meltdown.

She wasn’t in a Reiki space, otherwise we would have asked her to stay. We added her to the Distance Reiki List and sent some good energy and healing to her home and to her, as well as everyone who was in the Boulder flood.

Though we started a bit late, all was well and right on target with our focus:

This month was all about our recent experiences, reactions, and responses. If you’ve reacted more than you’ve responded, what triggers are keeping you from neutrality and standing peacefully in your power? Let’s work on shedding that energy that no longer serves and making space for new light and awareness.

Celebrate releasing any energy that keeps us from our higher sense of peace!

With the flood energy swirling, we shared in the circle, added our crystals to the grid and names to the Reiki distance list, grounded, and got to work. We did a lot of healing on releasing our own blocks, but also energy that we were all picking up from everyone and everything that was going on around us, like fear, grief, and unconscious energy that was keeping some from having to deal with the trauma of the flood and the total devastation in some areas. That was the Shock—When we leave our bodies so that we don’t have to face the pain of it all.

Tonight was a biggie. Thank you to all the Lightworkers who dared to heal tonight and who stepped in to send Reiki to the Boulder flood victims, community, the animals around us, and the land.

This is why they call you Lightworkers.

New Moon in Leo Goddess Reiki Share—August 2013

Tonight’s intention for the Goddess Reiki Share was to claim our personal power in recent decisions we’ve made in our lives, focusing on the belief in the power of our intuition and calmly creating safety and trust in our energy fields.

Group dynamics can be exhilarating at this time and render some amazing brainstorming and common successes. Leo’s powerful and firey energy can bring excitement and forward movement, but also some competitive energy.

Keeping this new moon energy in mind, our focus this month was on a sense of Sacred Commerce. (Though we all know that Reiki goes where it needs to! we held our intentions and trusted that it was all all covered :)

This New Moon Goddess Reiki Share Meetup we focused on releasing competition energy or any energy that is in our field that says we aren’t good enough to be abundant, successful, and graceful while being so.

Sacred Commerce means there is enough for everyone all the time. There is no competition. It’s all a misconception based on social conditioning and false beliefs—that come from our experiences, what we were taught when we were young, and even our lineage that can go back 100s of years.

You are a bright shining star and you can shine just like your sister who is a bright shining star. You are sure to attract different and equal love, business, and life, and equally enjoy abundance.

Tonight we celebrated releasing any energy that keeps us from our higher sense of abundance!

The Reiki Grid was awesome tonight. Everyone brought special crystals, notes, and other things to clear and energize, and added their people, situations, and pets to the Distance Reiki List. It was a special and powerful grid tonight.

I was blessed to also have a friend from Virginia visiting who was able to join us! She is always there in Spirit, but it was perfect that she could be there in the physical this time! Yay Chrissy!

Thank you everyone for coming! I look forward to next month!

Goddess Reiki Share—June 2013

Tonight’s June Goddess Reiki Share held the intention of harnessing the sun’s energy to energize new personal endeavors. We focused on what has changed in our lives and what break-throughs we’re building from them. We held the intention of Reiki healing and clearing anything that was blocking our progress and cleared the way for new light energy to assist us in our successes!

Boulder Reiki DeerIt was a beautiful night. Warm with the breeze of the barn fan and open doors, a small deer joined us tonight. It looked as if she had been injured, and we all were drawn to give distance Reiki to this little creature that was watching us with her own curiosity! Didn’t get too close, but her visiting our Reiki circle was no accident.

Jan, owner of the Kelly Big Blue Barn, and her husband said that there were about 150 deer in the herd there in North Boulder. I had no idea! Of course such a magical place would be surrounded by a herd of deer.

Thank you to an amazing group of lightworkers. There were new faces tonight along with familiar, all ready to jump in and heal themselves and each other, and nature! It always thrills and amazes me how everyone has their own gifts they bring to the Reiki practice—what each person sees while giving treatments, how they feel, what they hear, and how they are guided to heal.

Beautiful and Wonderful! Thank you all!