September Card of the Month—The Knight of Swords

The Knight of Swords asks us to value the importance of employing an inquiring mind this month!

Knight of SwordsEven though everything is moving at light speed, take the time to think things through before committing or reacting. Be assertive with your needs and what moves you forward in your own piece of mind. Then take action accordingly. It’s time to walk that talk. Confronting issues and taking the emotion out of situations is imperative this month.

For September: Be ready for unexpected situations at work and in your personal life. Your life can seem turbo charged like you’re in the middle of a vortex… The opposite of being in the eye of the storm!

Confronting situations doesn’t mean being aggressive about them. In fact, it would benefit you to make sure you check your paranoia and inner child at the gate before any heavy communication. Use that good head on your shoulders instead of blowing up before you know what’s up.

It’s also important to note that moving ahead in your success may appear to others as if you’ve left them in the dust. This is their perception. The best thing you can do is continue to focus on what your goal is, and to let go of any negativity from anyone else who would hold you back. You’ve gotta keep it movin. Stopping at this point would backfire.

This knight shows that September is the time to make yourself get off your tush if you haven’t exercised in a while. Looking at exercise and health with the Knight of Swords is all about taking account of what’s going on and making moves to make it better. Be courageous and get with it, whether it’s time to visit the doc or time for a run. You know what you need to do and you have the resources to do it. So do it.

Relationships and communications with lovers can get hot, heated, and/or heavy. Come at these conversations with a cool head this month. Reactions are in the air, so use that knowledge to your benefit. When disagreements arise, look at all the facts before judging or making a decision. Take note of and investigate the essence of the situation. Explore your beliefs and where they came from… Are you viewing the situation with old beliefs, or seeing what is really going on?

If you’ve been waiting for answers or results, this is the month. You’ll get your information and know how to implement your findings. Don’t hesitate to do just that. Move forward with what you know. Not what others deem truth.

Thinking clearly this month is important. The Knight of Swords cuts through fog and sees what’s really there. Always listen to your intuition, but know the facts this month. Get a clear perspective on situations before listening to your heart, then move forward.

Looking at and understanding the complexities of the big picture is key.

Card of the Week—10 of Wands—Time to Regroup and Delegate

10 of WandsComing from a place of moving forward with everything we’ve got from last week, it’s time to delegate! If you tried to take it all on yourself, you may be experiencing some stress, exhaustion, and even anxiety from doing it all alone. TheEmpressThe Empress this month is cluing us in on taking care of ourselves and taking care of others, but that can’t flow if we’re not spending time and energy wisely.

The 10 of wands this week tells us that we’re taking on too much. Taking on others’ work on top of our own, or not letting anyone else help out is what is going on here. You can’t be everywhere at once and you can’t be 10 people. You are you, and you have permission to ask for help. Get back in balance. Take the pressure off. Get your team together and regroup. When you’re overwhelmed, you can lose focus.

If you want something done right, you have to set your clear vision and let others know about it. Doing it yourself because you think no one else can help or do it right is definitely not what the Empress this month is getting at. There’s some serious joy and love that you’re shortchanging yourself.

Get back into the Joy of your goals, not just the outcome—and let up on that OCD tendancy. Remember that all the resources that you need, you have in your energy field. When you see that, you can get comfortable again in next steps. Progress and Clarity halt until you back off and regroup.

It’s critical to remember what was relevant and important about this in the first place and realign the value of your efforts.





Card of the Week—Ace of Cups—Peace, Compassion, Love

Ace of CupsThis week continues to vibrate at the fast frequency of last week. Things are moving quickly, projects are coming together, you’re communicating and being pursued via text, eMail, phone, and by chance with information that propels you forward and into new energy of a positive kind.

That being said, Ace of cups brings us some amazing emotional fulfillment and some rather love-filled days to come. Compatible and harmonious friendships are brought together to blast forward in love and joy. This card symbolizes lifetime friendships and true, deep love ties.

If you’ve been leery of love relationships, or simply protective of your heart, now is the time to step forward with confidence into a new relationship. Each relationship is different even though we carry patterns, so no, you won’t have the same experience with a new relationship as you did a previous relationship. This card represents an entrance to intimacy that will blow your socks off.

This week expect to find that person or thing that completes a puzzle that you may not even know you’re putting together. This brings fulfillment that goes beyond what you thought your heart could even reach. There is great healing and love at the end of a long tunnel and the next few days lights a new path for health, love, and commitment, friendship and projects that are considered life-changers. Deep rewarding projects are in your energy field.

The Ace of Cups is about water. It represents all water signs and their watery emotional goodness. Compassion and love reign over any story or misstep. Forgive, let go, love. This week expressing your emotions is important and progressive. Holding back creates blocks that you don’t want to spend the rest of the year overcoming. If someone comes to you this week with emotional information or sadness they would like to convey, your greatest good is to listen with your heart. Turn the analyzer off. This is about emotional support.

Empaths, really pay attention to your energy… Ask yourself, “Is this my energy, or someone else’s?” Because you will be picking up everything around you! Try to stay grounded and not freak out when you get emotionally overwhelmed. This may look like exhaustion just from talking with someone or being in a place with a bunch of other people. Make sure you have enough time to yourself to re-juice.

If you’re creating art right now, use this time to let your emotions rise to the surface. Let it out in your expression. This piece will communicate what words cannot.

A very rewarding week for being emotionally connected. Spiritual growth cannot be sidestepped this week. You’re in it to win it, whether you like it or not.

Your intuition is right on, so believe what you’re seeing and accept that you know your own light. Be gentle with yourself. Notice what you’re thankful for, and spread some of that love!

All this with the power of the 8 of wands at play as well. Fast flying love and compassion, here we come!

PS If you’re in the market for a new home to buy or rent, this week looks good for finding that place, making the decision to move, or a full on move. Don’t forget to sage and clear your new space!

Card of the Week—8 of Wands—Fast Flow of Forward Movement

8 of rodsThis week, there’s an amazing space and opportunity to Get in your flow. Be ready to hear some good news via call, text, letter, email, or around the way—you’re gonna hear some good tidbits, good fortune, and sweet-to-the-ears messages.

Don’t avoid difficult decisions or conversations this week. It’s time to deal. Energetic momentum to make things happen is upon us. Use this energy to move forward in your life. You are on the right track. You are in your flow.

If you’re wondering about whether or not something’s going to work out, it’s likely that it will, and you’ll get feedback fast. The eight of rods is also telling us that we’re falling fast into a positive situation: love, work, partnership—keep your head up and your ears open… oh, it’s on.

It’s time to act on opportunities that are sitting on the table. If you’ve been thinking about advertising your biz, do it now. If you’ve been putting off a trip to see the fam, do it now. If you’ve been procrastinating in some way…. It’s been on your weekly to-do list for a month and keeps getting pushed to the next week… Do it now! Get things off your plate so that you can move forward.

Manifesting can be very powerful right now. Keep your thoughts positive, create the vision of your dreams, and release the outcome. Let the Universe do her job.

If you’ve been waiting around for an answer or a sign, wait no more. It’s here this week.



Card of the Week—Three of Cups—Celebrate

three of cupsHa! Last week’s card was two of cups, and this week’s card, very randomly drawn, is the three of cups. This calls for a celebration!

Live it up this week. Your desire to bring joy and fun into your life is warranted. Let loose! Time for friends that you love like family to gather and git down. It’s time for family celebrations, weddings, get togethers, and parties of all kinds. And you might just imbibe a bit.

Feel free and safe to honor social invitations and don’t be shy. This is a time that could bring family and friends closer together with lasting affects. As last week’s, it’s also a time that could mend some broken fences.

Have some caution while you celebrate. Don’t drink and drive and be careful about calling in baby spirits that want to join you in your journey if you’re not ready for them yet. On the other hand, if you’re wanting to call in those baby spirits… Now is the time! You’ve got some fertile mojo working for you this week, so go for it!

In astrology, this card represents Mercury in Cancer. I guess it’s no coincidence that amazing and potent transits are unfolding during the 2013 Third Trimester. Therefore the cups are abundant in our energy fields! The positive aspects of water include being compassionate, empathetic, loving, kind, charitable, psychic, joyous, and emotionally fulfilled. These feelings and characteristics are what to focus on this week.

Three of cups advises us to nurture our network. Call those you seem to think about often, but haven’t seen or spoken to in a while. Catch up. Plan a meetup. Spontaneity is lurking in the ethers, so be ready for anything! If you’re dealing with groups of people this is a perfect time as everyone works together swimmingly.

Keep in mind this week the little and big celebrations life brings. Love it when you see it, notice, and become aware of it. Kiss your puppy’s face.