4 of Cups reversed—Padmes Card of the Day

4 of cups reversed Padmes Card of the DayPadmes Daily Tarot—Page of Swords

Just being is fulfilling your purpose—the rest is choice. How do you want to vibrate? Magic is waiting to happen when you let yourself out of resistance & express your Truth Self—doing this gives others permission to be authentic; self-love offers the option to match your healing frequency. Self-care, yes, but not the day to cocoon. Seek out & say yes to opportunities, invite others into your world, set your heart at receiving. #Tarot <3 www.padmes.com

Padmes Daily Tarot—3 of Pentacles reversed

3 of pentacles reversed Padmes Card of the Day3 of Pentacles reversed Padmes Card of the Day

Identify your Truth Potential—are you tapping into it on a daily basis with your work & your every-day routines? It’s important to take a good look at anything holding you back—this has turned into a pattern that is not serving you. You may be involved in projects or long-term agendas that are justifiably not bringing you the inspiration & praise that you need to feel whole. That’s the Universe telling you to move on, boo boo. <3 www.padmes.com

Padmes Daily Tarot—Death

Death card Padmes Card of the DayDeath—Padmes Card of the Day

Some dramas have come full circle. Lots of letting go of past ties, moving forward away from old patterns that no longer serve you, & releasing people who still hold those negative patterns you grew out of. It is a rebirth of sorts. The New Year is bringing a ton of that, so stay aware of your Truth Self & step into your new world gracefully. Realization comes through as wisdom when you see you’ve transcended your past experiences. #tarot

Padmes Card of the Day—The Lovers

The Lovers Padmes Daily TarotThe Lovers—Padmes Daily Tarot

Choose what is best for others today. Oneness Awareness brings a whole new level to relationships. Surprise blessings & miracles seem like they from the sky. Commit to long-term agreements, healthcare, themes, & love—Your choices are of utmost importance. This is not the time to be tempted by the fates, another, or something that sounds too good to be true—that could be a lasting fail. Pay attention to what keeps you balanced. #tarot <3 www.padmes.com

Libra Tarotscope December 2014

Libra Tarotscope December 2014Ace of Swords reversed—Libra Tarotscope December 2014

This month, Libra, is a time to relax and let the dust settle. Let things fall where they may and take yourself out of the situation, at least for the time being. Pushing too hard on an issue may have the exact opposite desired effect… So hang tight and hang in there. Let this month wrap up without interjecting new scenarios, projects, and endeavors. Brainstorming is great, but action right now, not so much. You may run the risk of muddling perfectly clear ideas because of a mood or brief reaction.

Just because you’re lying low right now doesn’t mean that your impeccable work and reputation are at risk. Quite the contrary. Keeping your ideas on the down-low right now works in your favor. It gives you time to gather your thoughts and your expert know and be able to use your resources appropriately when you need them, instead of being reactive and using up the artillery before you’re even half way through the war! 2015 will be new energy for you, so letting old energy go and opening for new clarity is the best healing you can do for yourself in present time.

Another aspect to this month is about gathering your horses to ride the storm. The most important thing you can do is be clear on what your truth is. What is it that you require, desire, want, and need. A pros and cons list can actually help you organize your thoughts. But no sharing. Not yet. Keep it to yourself until you’re in a safe energetic place to let it all out in a productive way that creates abundance instead of sideswipes it.

Libra Tarotscope December 2014Ace of Swords reversed with the Card of the Month—Knight of Wands reversed:

Together the Ace of swords reversed with the Knight of Wands reversed are telling you no to act on anything just yet. In fact, anything said during this time is likely to be taken the wrong way, so just opt out. Take it up at a later date. It’s not worth the upset and the rebuilding to try and make sense of this. It’s not about your communication either… It’s about talking to someone else who is not a receiver at this time. They can’t hear what you’re saying in a way that will benefit anyone.

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