Aligning with the New Frequencies—12/12/12 and 12/21/12

pyramids and planets alignToday! December 3, 2012: Mercury, Venus, and Saturn line up with the Giza Pyramids. Planets are aligning on 12/12/12, and the December 21st, 2012 Winter Solstice marks the Golden Age.

Are you ready?

So much talk has been recorded about December 2012 as a spiritual time and major shift in consciousness for everyone on the planet.


Planetary/pyramid alignments, 2 eclipses, Mercury retrograde, and a whole lot more to come!

We are left wondering about our next steps, directions, purposes, and perhaps re evalhearts padmesuating our lives and futures.

12/12/12 and 12/21/12 : These numbers represent occurring frequencies that allow for great healing and DNA downloads. It helps our heart chakras to fully open in order to connect to aspects of the Universe and Universal knowledge previously unavailable.

It’s time to receive information from the light of the Universe not only to awaken, but to integrate into the Oneness Awareness of the Light—who we truly are. It is now time to step into your own power, accept and feel comfortable with that new balance.

Release negativity, fear, and anxiety. Ground, connect to higher self, forgive and let go. Send love and open your heart to receive love.

The  importaforgive Padmesnt things to do on these days is to take time for yourself, center, realign, state your mission for your future, and be part of the wave of love and awareness that will fill you and allow you to help and comfort others to awaken and attune.



12 Represents having Faith that Spirit is speaking to you through repetitive thoughts, ideas, and insights that guide you to improve something in your life, or the life of others. Allow your positive affirmations to lead the way.

—Doreen Virtue

These are perfect days to reconnect to life, redirect your energies, and ask Spirit for guidance. It is time to listen to your higher self and trust.

meditate padmes

November 2012 Goddess Reiki Share at the Ranch

Acres of Opportunity, Lafayette, Colorado 80026

I love the new venue! It really is a great space—in town, but feels like in a faerie field all its own. Tonight we celebrated our friends and family for the Thanksgiving holiday, created sacred space, and even did some attunements! Our distance Reiki list for the Reiki grid was full of those who requested reiki for their friends, pets, and family members.

Angels and Guides

st. francis padmesThis eve we called in St. Francis to be with us and our animals as well. As it turns out, St. Francis was all about bringing his troops! Lots of activity at the Ranch! Spirit animals abound ;)

St. Francis of Assisi was a healer and Friar in Italy. He is the first known saint who experienced the stigmata and is known as the patron saint of animals and the environment.

Thank you for your participation and sharing.

I am grateful for this share and all who give their time to heal themselves, others, animals, and the planet. Lightworkers are special people and the world needs you!

Though the holidays are afoot, We will be sharing at the Goddess Reiki Circle on December 29th! At the Ranch. Happy Yuletide and looking forward to seeing everyone! Bring your stories, lists, crystals, and anything that needs Loving Reiki Healing.

December Topic: Symbols and their importance, experiences with symbols, and how to create sacred space.

Everyone has their own techniques that work for them when it comes to giving a Reiki treatment, creating sacred space, and how they choose to practice Reiki healing. We’ll share these techniques and compatible modalities. After all… Reiki is the Gateway Modality!

If you would like to join us, please RSVP at the Pura Vida Meetup page.



Day of the Dead—Bella Frida

Day of the Dead Face PaintingI am blessed to be part of Bella Frida’s festivities this Friday, October 5th from 6-9 in Louisville for the First Friday Art Walk.

Flamenco guitar by James Garcia
Day of the Dead face painting by Susan Meylor of Sparkles Face Painting
Tarot card readings by Meggin O’Morrow (That’s me!)

3 Margaritas restaurant has donated food for the event and Le Bakery Sensual discounted a fabulous Day of the Dead cake!

My Grandfather was born on All Saints Day. Far from being a saint, from what I understand he got quite a kick out of that.

Day of the Dead celebrations are all about honoring those who have passed. Children are honored on the 1st of November, All Saints Day, and then adults on November 2nd, All Souls Day.

Day of the Dead CakeThese two days are very special in Mexico. They believe that their family returns for those two days. This is definitely reason for celebration!

Altars are created for loved ones with painted skulls, candy skulls, and skull beads that are used to symbolize birth and death. Elaborate cakes are made and some families visit the cemetery where their loved ones are buried. They decorate their grave sites with flowers and candles bringing toys for children who have passed and tequila and margaritas for adults. They picnic on blankets next to their relatives.Day of the Dead

This tradition is amazing to me. I love the acknowledgement of the duality that we are and honoring our special family that are on the other side.

I’m excited for Bella Frida’s event on Thursday the 11th 7-9pm creating cigar box altars. I’ll be there creating one for my mom who passed two years ago. I can’t be at her grave site, but I’m sure she’ll be celebrating with me :) I’ll be ready with an ofrenda for her November 2nd this year.dia de los muertos ofrendas

I’ll be doing readings on Friday. Please join me and everyone for the festivities, fun, celebration, and bring your family… Those you can see, and those you can’t! There’s a piece of cake waiting!

In Love,


Other Day of the Dead Events in Louisville:

Bella Frida Presents the Dia de los Muertos Show
by Louisville Middle School Art Students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades

Artwork displayed ithrough October 2012 at:

Bittersweet Cafe & Confections 820 Main Street
The LoCo Yo 917 Front Street
Bella Frida 901 Main Street, Suite 101

Create a cigar box Ofrenda (altar)
Hosted by Laura (owner of Bella Frida)
Thursday, October 11 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
at Bella Frida 901 Main Street, Suite 101
Ofrendas are an essential part of the Day of the Dead celebration and are created to remember and honor loved ones who have passed.
$12 supply fee. Bring a 4 x 6 photograph of the person you are honoring. Email [email protected] to register.

Day of the Dead Stories & Crafts for Kids ages 6 to 12 – FREE!
Presented by Louisville Public Library Children’s Librarian Adrienne Gass
Saturday, October 13th, 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.
at Bella Frida 901 Main Street, Suite 101

Day of the Dead painting, scratch art and mask making
Hosted by Doodlebugs Art Studio
Saturday, October 20 drop-in 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.
at Bella Frida 901 Main Street, Suite 101
$3 supply fee per family * all ages welcome


September’s Reiki Share was Lovely!

“OOh La La” and Tasers…

Goddess Reiki SharesThe full moon was amazing and, as always, the group is wonderful. We touched on a topic that is not often talked about in the share because everyone comes with the greatest of healing intentions—But what if you experience, as a practitioner or as a receiver of a Reiki treatment, something inappropriate, be it a comment, a look, or other. How do we react to these types of behaviors as Lightworkers?

The group had a lot to say. I was grateful that we could talk about this, even though it wasn’t so “Love & Light” of a topic. The consensus revolved around good boundaries, working in a place where you feel safe, and ending a session as soon as you feel uncomfortable. There was also mention of really looking at what is making you uncomfortable. Is it your sensitivity? Or have boundaries really been crossed?

Bottom line: It’s up to you to make sure you’re safe ! So whatever is going on, know that you are supported in this circle if you ever need to talk about an experience or ask a question that’s causing some inner conflict!

For the most part, though, everyone has lovely experiences and amazing clients. Reiki truly is a lifestyle. When you live Reiki you live with compassion, safe boundaries, and love.

Thank you all for a lovely evening! And I hope to see everyone who couldn’t make it next time!
In Love,

Goddess Reiki Share! September 29th, 2012

Goddess Reiki ShareI’m really looking forward to the Goddess Reiki Share this month! It seems like it’s been a long time since our last one—and that blue moon really stirred some things up!

This last Saturday of this month will be the night: 6-9 at CHHC in Lafayette. So come as you are! Bring your crystals, anything you would like to add to the Reiki crystal grid for clearing and charging, and of course, as always, bring your distance Reiki list for those you would like to heal with the amplified energy of the circle—or add to the group list when you get here.

I’m excited to see you ! New lightworkers feel free to come too! This event is for Goddesses (all ladies this time). Check out the Reiki Circle page for more information!

In Love,