The Fool

Happy April Fool’s Day!

The Fool Card is always a breath of fresh air. It’s a new way at looking at a situation. It represents letting guards down and trusting. Sometimes naively trusting, but walking into a new world with a feeling of no regrets.

Reversed, this card can resemble a gypsy-type wanderer, as the Fool can be a student of life, not making deep roots or emotional connections. He can represent foolishness and not doing his research before jumping in head first. But right-side-up it always reminds me of Indiana Jones. The very first movie: Raiders of the Lost Ark, when Indiana has to take that step of faith out into what seemed like a step into a never-ending quarry. What he found was that he was safe and supported by a bridge that was almost impossible to see…

Deciphering surrounding cards indicates what the Fool is trying to communicate. The Fool can represent renewed faith in self, an endeavor, life, or utter naivete! It can represent someone who is not committed just yet to anything but themselves.

I was going on Fool card energy when I moved to Colorado from Arizona. I took a chance and risked everything, but trusted that I was moving on to the next phase of my life. It was a new beginning. The Fool card doesn’t promise perfection—it promises that the Universe is supporting you. It can enhance beginners luck, or produce great lessons for the seeker to call upon in their future. Lessons they will never forget. It teaches the seeker to trust themselves. It’s the beginning of their journey.

When this card lands in a spread, it can be the seeker, a person in the seeker’s life, or advice to look at a situation in a new way. It can show a situation that needs a smudging and new fresh energy ushered in. What once worked as energy for the seeker may no longer be what will propel her forward now. It’s time to take a look at what once served a purpose, but no longer has the same effect, and figure out what will work now. This can be an epiphany card that shows the seeker’s new awareness of old and new energy and stepping forward from the past.

6 of Swords

Finally getting out of muddy waters. This card is a kind of like a sigh of relief. It’s not over yet, but it’s on it’s way. The seeker is moving on, getting away from past upset and old energy, and moving forward into new energy that suits a fresh purpose. It can mean literal travel, short trips, and movement into the future.

This card represents a crossroads in a seeker’s life where the Universe kicks in some luck. It’s a critical point in the seeker’s journey where situations begin to change for the better. Listening to trusted guidance will help. Things that were problematic and seemed like thick brush that was impossible to move through, suddenly parts into a path to allow passage. It’s an acknowledgment that past mistakes are being used as lessons and not being repeated.


When this card is upside down, it can mean a no-go with travel plans or a recent return. It can also refer to the seeker continuing on a path that is not in his or her best interest. They may be having trouble on this path already and this card shows the continuation into troubled waters. Often this can be remedied, but the seeker won’t allow anyone in to help, almost keeping secrets in order to keep the attention turned from what the seeker believes to look like failure.

It can mean pride getting in the way of a solution. When there’s a somewhat logical way to resolve an issue, the seeker is blind to it, not getting advice from others. When you see this card in a spread it shows that there is not quick way for an issue to resolve itself. It’s going to require some time, grace, and self-forgiveness.

8 of Wands

Oh! Fast Communication of the positive variety, by email, fax, phone, or in-person—it’s exciting and swift information on it’s way to you. This is a word that I made up—but for me this card means quickity! (It makes sense.)

This card indicates that things are picking up, orders are being made, marketing efforts are coming into fruition. It promotes fast timing for a positive change of plans or turn of events. Falling in love quickly ( surrounding cups cards), needing more communication or marketing for business (wands), hiring a quick thinker that is imperative to a business group (swords), or money coming in unexpectedly (pentacles). The seeker has luck for travel at this time and is advised to take all risk-related offers. It might feel as if things are too good to be true, but they’re good to go.

oooof. Talk about nothing going down how it was supposed to. Car troubles. Computer troubles. Misunderstandings. Delays in travel. Possible stagnation in work and business. The best case scenario is to deal with old business and organize things that you’ve been neglecting. (Feels like Mercury Retrograde.)

Indigo Survivor’s Take on Spiritual Parenting II

Indigo Characteristics

There was a long time in my life where I interpreted things differently than other people. I saw things on a more emotional and symbolic level. I thought it was normal, or didn’t know to think it wasn’t, but this made me very disconnected from my peers and my family. There was a huge communication disconnect that traveled with me through my life and my relationships. I had to learn a way of communicating that was somehow completely foreign and I had to teach myself because I was alone in this situation. No one seemed to understand and, in fact, they were scared to take on the challenge of me.

This was what led to my metaphysical journey. I realized that my life service was to support the spiritual community by communicating to survivors who feel the way I did growing up, or the loved ones who recognize they’ve got a live one and need some help. All that time, what I had needed was someone who believed in me.

Other Indigo Characteristics:

  • Indigos possess a warrior temperament, and stand up for what they believe in—often the “whistle-blower” in a group when something unethical is happening or something is going on that is against  collective conscious archetypal understanding.
  • Determined and focused on missions and goals.
  • Not only can Indigos detect dishonesty, it’s hard to build trust with them once you’ve broken it.
  • They have a strong sense of themselves and who they are.
  • They need creative freedom and room to evolve projects and ideas. If they don’t have that freedom, they tend to get frustrated easily.
  • Authority figures are seen as equals until their trust and respect is earned.
  • Indigos don’t feel pressured to conform to the group and have a strong sense of self-esteem.
  • They are direct with communicating their needs and let you know when their needs have not been met.
  • Antisocial behavior can be a label they receive when they’re not surrounded by children with the same needs and characteristics.
  • Indigo children are intuitive and sensitive (HSPs, Empaths).
  • They are natural communicators who use technology to get their points across as well as writing, music, and speech.
  • Intelligent and analytical, they often display amazing memory capabilities.
  • Sometimes they show low levels of patience. Indigos require needs to be met and situations to be fixed according to their immediate gratification. Otherwise, it seems like time-wasting.

Environmental Influences

Children are naturally empathic. As we grow older, many of us build walls and shells and filters to keep us from sensitivity. Most likely we’ve been taught that being sensitive is a curse rather than a trait that is much needed in our world. As such, a child with highly sensitive characteristics that naturally has self esteem can be deflated when that sensitivity is not supported.

Teaching children self-empowerment is so important. Bringing a sense of grounding and the understanding of belonging into their lives teaches that not only do we have a place in the Universe, but that we are connected to it. It is a part of us, and we are not separate. This is a mandatory principle in the foundation of a child’s healthy outlook on the world and the successes in an empathic and sensitive child’s evolution of life. The importance of understanding the scope of a child’s internalizing and out-of-body defense mechanisms can be life changing.

This was the second of a two-part series.
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